Shippers Agreement

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Shippers Agreement

    1. The transporter and driver are jointly and independently authorized to transport your vehicle from its pickup location to the destination. While we will make every effort to confirm a driver for the estimated date, we cannot guarantee a specific pickup or delivery date. Delays may occur due to various factors, including transporter schedules, mechanical issues, inclement weather, and unforeseen circumstances. Alpha Trax is not responsible for any expenses or liabilities resulting from pickup or delivery delays, including but not limited to airline tickets or rental car fees. The customer will receive the transporter's schedule at the time of dispatch.

    2. The customer agrees not to engage any other broker or carrier during the period corresponding to their chosen shipping option. If a customer is found working with another broker or carrier during this time, they may be subject to a non-refundable deposit fee. If the customer cancels the shipment before the scheduled pickup time and the driver has not yet arrived, the deposit will not be refunded, or a partial refund may be issued in consultation with the customer and the respective sales agent.

    3. Contracted carriers offer door-to-door transport, provided that the truck driver can physically access the pickup and delivery addresses. If access to the pickup or delivery location is restricted due to narrow streets, low-hanging trees, or tight turns, the driver may request that you meet the truck at a nearby large parking lot, such as a grocery store.

    4. Carriers are not licensed or insured to transport personal or household goods. However, we understand that you may need to place some items in the vehicle. The carrier is not liable for damage caused by excessive or improper loading of personal items. These items must be placed in the trunk and kept within a limit of 100 lbs. Any exceptions must be discussed and approved by Alpha Trax, and an additional fee may be assessed for personal items of any weight. Misrepresentation of personal belongings may result in a price adjustment and/or a dry run fee of $150 if the carrier is dispatched to the pickup location, and the shipment differs from expectations. If a carrier is sent out, and the vehicle is not ready as indicated by the shipper, an additional $75.00 rescheduling fee will apply. Alpha Trax must be notified if the shipper is unavailable for pickup or delivery, and an alternate representative must be provided by the shipper.

    5. Vehicles must be presented to the carrier in good running condition with no more than a half tank of fuel. The carrier will not be liable for damage caused by leaking fluids, freezing, exhaust systems, or antennas not secured. Any claims for loss or damage must be documented and signed on a condition report at the time of delivery.

    6. The price quoted by Alpha Trax is an estimated price based on the real-time market price. It may fluctuate at the time of dispatch due to route conditions and driver availability.

    7. If a carrier is dispatched, and the vehicle is not ready as indicated, there will be an additional $75.00 rescheduling fee. Alpha Trax should be notified if the carrier is unavailable for pickup or delivery, and an alternate representative must be provided. If, for any reason, the vehicle becomes unavailable during a scheduled pickup window after an order has been placed, Alpha Trax will not refund the deposit amount.

    8. The customer should never release or receive vehicles from a carrier without an inspection report (Bill of Lading/BOL), regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Failure to do so may result in the inability to file a damage claim. Any damage must be clearly documented on the BOL and signed by the driver (without exceptions). If damage occurs during transport, the customer must report it on the final inspection report, pay the remaining balance specified in this agreement, and then contact the carrier's main office and the carrier's insurance company. Failure to report any damage on the final inspection report releases the carrier from liability and may prevent the processing of a damage claim.

    9. I wholeheartedly acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the refund and cancellation policy on the website. I affirm that I will refrain from initiating any claims or disputes against the company should I deviate from these stipulations.

    10. Dispatched orders must be canceled by contacting the offices of Alpha Trax at 631-824-8233 or by sending an email to Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date. Cancellations of dispatched orders are subject to a non-refundable $200 fee.

    11. A $150.00 non-operational fee will be charged for all non-running vehicles, which will be included in the final invoice from Alpha Trax. If a vehicle becomes non-operational during transport, this fee will be applied to the original quote.

    12. Alpha Trax agrees to provide a transporter to move your vehicle as promptly as possible according to your instructions but cannot guarantee pickup or delivery on a specific date. A cancellation fee of $200 will be charged for orders canceled 7 days before the requested available pickup date. Alpha Trax is not responsible for rental vehicle costs or mechanical or operational failures of your vehicle. The transporter warrants that they will pay the quoted fee to Alpha Trax for delivered vehicles and will not attempt to chargeback a credit card. This agreement and any shipment hereunder are subject to all terms of the transporter's responsibility and the uniform straight bill of lading, copies of which are available at the transporter's office.

    13. Trucking damage claims are covered by transporters with freight protection ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 per load, as well as a minimum of $3/4 million in public liability and property damage insurance. Any damage incurred during transport is the responsibility of the carrier, not Alpha Trax. In case of damage, Alpha Trax will provide a comprehensive insurance package for the carrier to file a claim. All claims must be documented and approved at the time of delivery and submitted in writing within 15 days of delivery.

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